ADP vs Paychex

Finding a payroll solution can be just as confused as doing your own payroll. As you research possible providers, it will not be long before you compare between ADP vs Paychex. This payroll giant offers a range of services ranging from payroll to benefits administration and HR management. Here’s the further information.

ADP has been a human capital management supplier for more than 40 years, with a customer base of hundreds of thousands of clients. The company has endeavored to diversify this base in the last decade or two by aggressively entering other global markets and expanding its business internationally. In the last decade, ADP has also started offering more cloud-based solutions to compete with the burgeoning number of startups that offer similar services. ADP has the advantage of a complete suite of products for human resources (HR), tax, payroll, benefits and more, for every size of business in most locations around the world. ADP’s annual expected growth rate of 4.4% is realistic, and analysts expect earnings for the company to grow more than 10% annually over the next five years. With a dividend yield at a healthy 2.5%, the company provides a great opportunity for buyers, if they can purchase shares at the right price.

Paychex compares to ADP in size and complexity, but they’ve built their business by focusing on improving payroll and accounting-related HR solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. They also offer enterprise-level solutions, if that’s what your company needs. Every new account gets an implementation specialist and a dedicated customer service manager. Paychex’s flagship offering is the online payroll service, Paychex Flex. Flex gives you access to your entire payroll system online, and includes mobile-ready dashboards and data transfer to outside accounting systems, including Quickbooks and Kashoo. Paychex Flex give you the ability to work in future payroll periods for upcoming events, which you won’t find in a lot of other software.

- ADP is designed for accounting professionals who need to process payroll- Paychex is ideal for any size of business
- ADP system is easily accessible from one of the four different categories. All of the reports are created in real time, so users can easily access the latest reports- Paychex does an overwhelming good job of handling reports and monitoring. Current and future payroll cycles are automatically displayed within the user dashboard
- ADP is ideal for most businesses- Paychex works best if you are looking for an online solution for your payroll

All payroll services generally do OK. Both of the companies offer similar features for small businesses. At the most basic level, they allow you to run your payroll online. In short, ADP is currently betting on growth plans around the world to increase its growth rate, while Paychex plans to continue acquiring smaller strategic companies to drive product growth and innovation. Paychex also made a profit in the debt-to-income ratio, as it had zero debt compared to ADP’s 47% debt-to-equity (D / E) ratio. Paychex also has a higher profit margin than ADP. Paycheck is the winner of this comparison.

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