State Farm vs Allstate

Speaking of State Farm vs Allstate, both are include in the top 3 car insurance providers in the US. Both companies are ranked 81 or higher by Consumer Reports, maintaining A +’s financial strength rating with AM Best, and also offering 24/7 customer service and claims reporting. Here’s further information about both companies.

State Farm
State Farm is the largest U.S. auto insurance company and is near twice the size of Allstate. They’ve been around a long time, but to avoid boring you with the details. State Farm stands out when you compare them to Allstate because State Farm is a privately held company. They are not traded on the stock market, but they aren’t a mutual company either (that is, they aren’t owned by their customers). It could be something that affects customers, but it’s not too likely. As a matter of fact, 85% of State Farm customers report that they would recommend State Farm and 93% said they would renew their existing auto insurance policy. State Farm, like most large auto insurance companies, offers a wide selection of auto insurance discounts. If you’re going to compare auto insurance, the availability of discounts is a great place to start. Of course, if premiums are higher with one company versus another, they could negate discounts that are offered. Be sure to take this into account when comparing auto insurance.

Allstate is the third largest auto insurance company in the U.S. in terms of premiums written. That means that the total dollar amount they charge for coverage across all of their customers totals to be the third highest of all U.S. insurance companies. That’s a lot of coverage. Additionally, Allstate is a publicly traded company. That means they are listed on the stock market and that their business decisions are driven largely by what stockholders want. With that said, 73% of customers said they would recommend Allstate and 89% said they would renew. Allstate, like most other auto insurance companies, has special programs and discounts. Allstate is known for their Accident Forgiveness program which prevents your rates from going up if you had an accident if you are an otherwise safe driver and have no other accidents on your record. Allstate offers a wide range of discounts, but not all discounts are created equal.

State FarmAllstate
- For good credit record, State Farm is giving out as high as 80% discount- For good credit record, Allstate is offering a 68% discount
- If you have a clean record with no recent claims or incidents, State Farm is willing to approve a discount of up to 25%.- If you have a clean record with no recent claims or incidents, Allstate has up to 50% discount
- If you bundle your car insurance with your home insurance with State Farm is giving out 22% discount- If you bundle your car insurance with your home insurance with Allstate, they are willing to offer a 10% discount
- If you are willing to put several cars under one policy, State Farm has a 20% offer- If you are willing to put several cars under one policy, Allstate is giving up to 25%

In conclusion, Allstate’s agents can provide a helping hand when you want to understand your insurance and options, and they offer a wide variety of insurance products. But the company’s satisfaction ratings suggest that you can find better options elsewhere for car insurance, then if you’re looking for a strong company with a well-known brand name, a variety of products and good customer service, State Farm is a wise choice.

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